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We are an officially registered 501(c)(3) non-profit youth organization.  Through your generous support, our players will have all the proper equipment, skills, and training to help achieve their ultimate goal of having the opportunity to receive a college education through basketball.  

Please consider giving so that more youth can have the experience and opportunities they may not otherwise have without your help.  Your generous donation allows us to continue to grow and reach those youth who have a desire to compete here locally, throughout the state, and country with access to some of the best coaches, educators, trainers to help each player develop to their full potential on and off the court.  

Your donation is tax-deductible!  Once you donate, you will receive an official non-profit receipt to use when filing your taxes.  If there are other suggestions, please contact via

Triple Thr3at Sports & Development, INC.  EIN 88-0793821

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